Kittinger Product Legend
HN = Historic Newport
CW = Colonial Williamsburg
WA = Williamsburg Adaptation
OD = Old Dominion
RH = Richmond Hill


Featured Item
February 2016

2 Featured Items this Month

Cliffton High Chest - CW200

Bombé Chest-on-Chest - CW190


Cliffton High Chest

W - 44 3/4"
D - 22 11/16"
H - 97 3/4

Philadelphia high chest of drawers of mahogany, poplar and white cedar. An exact reproduction of an antique in the collection of Colonial Williamsburg made and signed by Henry Cliffton and Thomas Carteret in 1753. Shown in Old Dominion semi-open pore finish.

This magnificent high chest is an exact reproduction of the original antique in the collection of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. The faded ink signature on the original chest reads, “Henry Cliffton and Thomas Carteret, November 14, 1753.” The reproduction is very well known to collectors of Colonial Williamsburg furniture reproductions but very few have been so fortunate to even have the opportunity to own one of the rare chests since fewer than 20 were ever made. The craftsmanship of the reproduction showcases the highest achievement of Kittinger Company’s cabinetmakers, carvers and finishers.



Bombé Chest-on-Chest

H - 91 3/4"
W - 46"
D - 23 7/8"

The CW190 Bombé Chest on Chest needs no introduction to most collectors of Kittinger Colonial Williamsburg reproductions. This magnificent chest is one of the most sought after of the Williamsburg furniture reproductions and clearly one of the rarest. Only 150 of the meticulously crafted signed and numbered chests were ever made. The chest is an exact, uncompromising, and unequaled reproduction of the original famous antique in the museum at Williamsburg.


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